Invited talk by Yang-Hui He

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Invited talk by Yang-Hui He (London Institute).
title: “A Playful Introduction to Some Modern Geometry”

With a view towards explicit constructions, we present some rudiments of the intersection between algebraic, differential and arithmetic geometry. Throughout we will take the opposite of the Bourbaki approach and work through explicit examples, rather than to emphasise on the theory.

Bio: Professor Yang-Hui He is a Fellow of the London Institute, Professor of mathematics at City, University of London, Tutor in mathematics at Merton College, Oxford, and Chang-Jiang Chair of physics at Nankai University in China. He obtained his BA at Princeton (summa cum laude, Shenstone Prize and Kusaka Prize), MA at Cambridge (Distinction, Tripos), and PhD at MIT . After a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, he joined Oxford as the Fitzjames Fellow and an STFC Advanced Fellow. He works at the interface of string theory, algebraic and combinatorial geometry, and machine learning.